Wise Doctor AI - Interactive Test Control and Medical Assistance System

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It is a small pocket device, which together with your smartphone performs multiple diagnostic analysis tests, reports and monitors the patient's health 24 hours a day/365. Both devices form the perfect symbiosis for the recognition and care of the health of the people. Being the first interactive AI system for prevention, clinical analysis tests and online healthcare, fully automated. In this way, the user, wherever they are and whenever they need it, obtains diagnostic analysis, in addition to online medical assistance to evaluate and recognize the patient's health status with all medical guarantees.The user must register the fingerprint by performing the biometric measurement and identification, thus guaranteeing security in each operation, which will be registered in the application's data warehouse, along with the QR codes of the analysis disks and diagnostic sensors used, to obtain traceability in each test. Perform the oxidase test of biological sample.

Clinical diagnostic value: The only portable Analysis Method Approved by health authorities, due to the innovative mini-operating room device that operates automatically, applying cold anesthesia to the surface of the finger, disinfects, extracts biological sample, sanitizes and applies hemostatic gel, thus giving the optimal test. safety and hygiene conditions, to achieve the most precise diagnostic analysis of the patient's health status. The analysis sensors (interchangeable) offer great versatility to the user VS doctor to diagnose pathologies or diseases quickly so that your doctor can verify your health status online, since it has the largest and widest variety of diagnostic analysis tests.Triple A is a combined Diagnostic Analysis test through a biological sample.This test gives us complete control over the state of diabetes by combining a method that can analyze a single drop of blood, 3 diagnostic tests at a time, offering the results of blood levels sugar, ketones, glycated or glycosylated hemoglobin in a single test. Combines Photoplethysmography and infrared testing. In our system it fulfills a practical and contrast function, monitoring the patient under pre-established ranges under the control of the Wise Doctor Medical AI. The system evaluates, manages and sends the data instantly to the doctor. Now the Patient does not have to think about their Diabetes all day long, the Wise Doctor Artificial Intelligence device will always be there to offer all medical coverage, material and assistance, 24 hours a day.

Our innovative double emergency security system gives the patient the confidence that they will always have coverage for their medical treatment. Wise Doctor is the perfect tool to implement preventive medicine in public and private health in society, as a necessary element to achieve quality health care and assistance, so that they can sustain the service without saturation, without public increase...patients and medical assistance in their facilities, with our system it reduces maintenance costs in exchange for improving the management of control and medical care of the patient online for later, if applicable; Make a personal visit to the Doctor.

In *exceptional cases, such as a PANDEMIC, The AI Wise Doctor system periodically evaluates optimal performance and quality of results.


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