Surgify Halo: A New Innovative Technology for Safer, Effective, and More Precise Bone Cutting

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Discover Surgify Halo™ — the pioneering tissue-specific bone removal system based on the HaloSense technology.

The unique features of Surgify Halo™ have the potential to revolutionize bone surgery. Its seamless integration into existing surgical workflows offers unparalleled advantages in today’s high-speed bone drilling and tomorrow’s robotic surgery.

Surgify Halo™ has been developed to offer surgeons confidence in safe, precise, and effective bone cutting in all cranial and spine procedures.

Surgify Halo™ and the HaloSense technology:

The pressure-controlled tip of Surgify Halo™ provides high precision and speed, combined with the HaloSense technology soft tissue protection mechanism, for enhanced safety and precision in surgical procedures.

The HaloSense technology consists of a pressure-controlled ring slightly larger than the drill tip that automatically adapts to tissue type.

The ring retracts when encountering hard tissue (crystalline bone), allowing Surgify Halo™ to cut and shape bone effectively. If elastic soft tissue is approached, the ring automatically protrudes to a level higher than the cutting edges and shields the drill tip, preventing it from affecting critical soft structures.‍

Safety, Precision, and Speed

Experience how Surgify Halo™ can forever change bone surgery through the pressure-controlled HaloSense technology that automatically activates when it encounters tissue softer than bone.


Surgify Halo™ provides enhanced protection against incidental soft tissue damage in surgical procedures ⁽¹⁾, allowing great flexibility in bone resections close to vital soft tissues.


Surgify Halo™ has shown superior levels of control and precision compared to conventional bone drills⁽²⁾ — providing the highest level of accuracy and stability during bone removal and shaping.


The effective bone-cutting properties of Surgify Halo™, combined with the confidence provided by the HaloSense technology, can enable shorter bone removal procedures without compromising patient safety.

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