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Kids with ADHD and autism struggle with focus, learning, and social interactions. This affects their school performance, exposes them to peer judgment, and increases the risk of substance use.Drug and behavioral treatments often fall short due to side effects and costs. Neurofeedback, a proven method, offers side-effect-free benefits. However, it has limitations, including high costs and the need for in-person sessions with bulky equipment. Despite the increasing prevalence of these conditions in children, with autism rates rising from 1 in 150 (2000) to 1 in 36 (2020), and ADHD rates increasing from 7.8% (2003) to 9.4% (2018), there remains a significant equity gap in mental health services. Our project aims to help kids to become more socialized and productive and live a better life.

PigPug Health is developing an AI-powered neurofeedback training system to help kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism improve attention and focus by offering personalized, engaging, and cost-effective therapy, leveraging our expertise in hypersensitivity-friendly design and AI integration.

Our system includes:

  1. headset measuring brain activity;
  2. AI-driven diagnostics;
  3. online telemedicine platform connecting families with neurofeedback specialists;
  4. neurofeedback brain-training games.

Attention improves by game strategy with real-time feedback from brain waves (EEG), collected through a headset. The system has been demonstrated to work effectively in pilot study, showing promising results in improving attention in individuals with ADHD and autism.

AI helps:

  1. analyze brain-wave patterns, enhancing the precision of diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
  2. create personalized content, making neurofeedback sessions more engaging for children.
  3. pick personalized neurofeedback protocols, reducing the need for therapists and lowering costs.

We understand the unique needs of neurodivergent kids and recognize the market demand for a cost-effective neurofeedback tool. It includes:

  1. We offer an all-in-one solution at home. Our unique integrated software/hardware enables us to provide a smooth and effective brain training experience for individuals of all ages.
  2. We understand the unique needs of neurodivergent kids, so the design of our headset is tailored for hypersensitive individuals, eliminating the need for gel, tape, or clothespins.
  3. Our personalized AI algorithms are based on over 20 years of experience from our founder, who is a neurofeedback expert and the inventor of a patented method.
  4. We offer a broader array of electrode locations supporting various neurofeedback protocols, acknowledging the need for flexibility in delivering therapy to neurodivergent children.



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