DRYFLIPS: Sandals With Removable Toe-drying System

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Dryflips sandals are engineered with a patented, removable toe-drying system that efficiently dries your toes and the spaces between them. Regular use of Dryflips' drying system could significantly reduce the risk of fungal and bacterial infections. (https://www.dryflips.com/).

Optimally designed for use after water activities at the beach, pool, or bath, Dryflips ensure your toes remain dry and hygienic. They are also ideal for individuals with diabetes or other conditions requiring meticulous foot care.

Removable Toe Dryer

Equipped with two strategically positioned microfans, the toe dryer ensures quick and efficient drying. Additionally, the dryer can be easily removed for battery recharge, allowing continuous use of the sandals while recharging.

Targeted Airflow

Our fans generate optimal airflow, directed specifically to the toes and the spaces in between, thoroughly drying your feet in seconds. This not only speeds up the drying process but also ensures that each part of your foot receives individualized attention, preventing moisture buildup.

Fast-Dry Sole: Superior Drainage for Always-Dry Feet

The wavy sole of Dryflips 2 is engineered for quick and efficient drying. Positioned strategically beneath the toes, the waves facilitate optimal drainage, swiftly guiding water out thanks to their specific incline. The "fast-dry" sole complements this design, keeping your feet dry and comfortable while preventing moisture buildup that can foster fungi and bacteria. With Dryflips, you enjoy comfort and protection with every step.

Dryflips 2 Sandals: Ideal for Various Scenarios

Dryflips 2 sandals are perfect for scenarios where feet might get wet, such as after spending time at the beach, in a pool, or post-shower. They are suited for:

  • Home users who want to keep their feet dry and healthy after a shower.
  • Athletes who want to maintain healthy feet.
  • Foot care professionals.
  • Spas and aesthetic centers.
  • Individuals with diabetes or other conditions that require meticulous foot care.
  • Users of public showers, such as in gyms or dorms, seeking extra foot hygiene.

Advantages of Dryflips:

Quick Drying Technology: The dual fan system rapidly dries feet, significantly reducing drying time and helping maintain foot hygiene by minimizing the risk of bacterial and fungal infections.

Ergonomic Design: The wavy "Fast-Dry" sole design enhances the sandals' drainage capability, working in tandem with the directed airflow from the micro fans to ensure that feet stay dry. This design not only prevents water accumulation but also supports the natural shape of the foot, providing comfort with every step.

Removable Dryer with Rechargeable Batteries: The toe dryer component is removable, making it easy to recharge the batteries. This feature ensures that users can continue to enjoy the comfort of their Dryflips even while the dryer is charging, enhancing convenience and usability.

Customizable and Controlled via Smartphone: The integration of Bluetooth technology allows users to control the drying process through their mobile device, offering a customizable experience that can be adjusted based on personal preferences or specific needs.


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