A Novel Versatile Low-cost Platform for "At-Home" Effective Treatment of Pelvic Pain in Women

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Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) can be disabling, persistent, debilitating, depressing, and very expensive as it affects 1/5 of all women and 12th of men, and comes with a combined overall estimated cost burden of over $289B. A 2023 systematic review of people with chronic pelvic pain calculated the direct yearly cost per woman to be between $16,970 to $20,898. This includes healthcare, prescription, and indirect expenses (lost wages and reduced productivity).

We aim to empower men and women to manage the challenges of the various facets and states of CPPS. We seek to provide simple, easy-to-use methods to manage pain and healing of over twenty-plus intensely aggravating pelvic maladies. By manufacturing our smart and reasonably priced solutions en masse, we can start to better assist CPPS patients, the core focus of our engineered solutions. These devices shall embody empathy and dignity through the "ease-of-use" of the patient; this is our number one goal. When combined with the serenity and safety of the home as the best place for time-resolvable health challenges, our innovative solutions.

CPPS victims that are deeply aggravated by the status quo and are relegated to mood-altering, mind-bending, constipating and even ocular-damaging medications that DO NOT address the root cause of pain. Physicians care if we succeed because they have very little time to spend with patients and are known to hand out antibiotics (without culturing species), neurological drugs and opioids which are known to set up addictive conditions, also leading to depression and suicides. Since pain is the "Fifth Vital Sign" of indication, physicians need and WANT better tools to help their deeply aggravated patients manage better, safer and lower cost options.

Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, they ALL should care since we shall be able to keep this cohort of patients at home. Healing at home helps to save large sums of unnecessary expenditures enabling CPPS sufferers from rushing out to the emergency room for pain that is, many times, very hard to pinpoint.

Avoidable ER/ED visits are a considerable cost to the hospital system when simply, one of our solutions could be drop shipped to the home in 24 hours after a physician prescription is called in. By executing on a more innovative paradigm of treating pelvic pain, treating the root cause, providing an "empathetic and dignified solution", we put the patient back in control. Aiding the patient to reduce or eliminate their "catastrophizing", improving mental health and the added factor of improving deeper and better sleep… Accelerating a better patient outcome overall. The goal of giving back control to victims of CPPS enabling them to confidently manage their conditions with empathy and dignity. They all care if we succeed and we are a small answer to improving the healthcare system as a whole.

Humancentric, Harmonic, Holistic - "H3". We are H3Pelvic Therapy Systems.




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