Closed-Loop Intensive Care Infusion Network

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Hospital based Intensive Care is currently strictly open-loop.

  1. A nurse measures patient glucose levels and sets the insulin infusion pump to adjust input flow for a certain rate of decrease (not too fast) and for certain boundary values (e.g. 110-180mg/dl).
  2. An arterial line measures blood pressures, and a nurse reports to physician if she thinks it's not in "ball park." The MD suggests infusion of e.g. Nitroprusside or Noradrenaline, at a fixed flow, hoping for adequate changes
  3. Special systems (PICCO, Lidco) estimate Total Body Water and Pulmonary Edema as well as Cardiac Output. These need to be calibrated with cold water or other substances. The Physician then decides whether to infuse Colloid or Diuretics for treatment.

These tasks can all be automated. One requirement are pumps that take variable setpoints from a PLC (programmable logic controller), not only fixed flow values. For (1) & (2) it's easy (PID control). For (3) an AI Net can create software sensors to replace real-time the expensive sluggish values from PICCO, GE Carescape, or Philips IntelliVue CO and feedback automatically for easier control (management) of e.g. cardially insufficient, decompensated patients.


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