NETrolyze: A Novel Immunotherapy for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

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Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a highly aggressive subtype of breast cancer that poses significant challenges in treatment. The primary problem with TNBC is the lack of effective treatments to stop cancer metastasis, the spread of malignant cancer cells from the primary tumor to distant organs. TNBC tumors exhibit high rates of metastasis and are becoming increasingly more prevalent, disproportionately affecting African American women. The current standard of care strategies, such as notoriously toxic chemotherapy, require weeks to months to demonstrate efficacy and often fail due to tumor resistance. Shockingly, there is currently no therapeutic option that specifically targets and prevents metastasis following the initial detection of TNBC.

We have designed an innovative first-in-class therapeutic injectable that directly targets the metastatic process in TNBC. Our product, NETrolyze, consists of a small molecule loaded into a slow-release gel, designed to continuously fight off metastasis. It systematically targets only the cancerous tumor while preserving the integrity of the body’s overall immune system. NETrolyze works by degrading neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs), a recently discovered metastasis-promoting material found in the microenvironment of TNBC tumors. By attacking this immune material rather than the tumor itself, NETrolyze has been developed around the problem that prevents others from conquering cancer metastasis. The localized delivery mechanism of NETrolyze circumvents the complications associated with chemotherapy by effectively preventing cancer spread while maintaining the patient's overall health.

Over a decade of research and development has been dedicated to creating and rigorously testing NETrolyze. Proof of concept studies conducted in mouse models have confirmed its clinical efficacy and safety. NETrolyze has been manufactured in collaboration with a contract laboratory, resulting in a GMP-certified safe formulation, and the intellectual property is protected through patents and licensing agreements.

It is estimated that NETrolyze could enable thousands of TNBC patients to avoid toxic chemotherapies and prohibitively expensive treatments associated with advanced metastatic disease. The successful development of NETrolyze represents a significant step forward in the fight against TNBC and has the potential to transform the lives of countless patients and their families, offering hope in the face of this devastating disease.



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