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A smart dental kit designed for personal Dental hygiene monitoring. The kit utilizes an ESP32 cam module, a 3.7V battery, and TensorFlow lite for real-time image classification. This system streams video captured by the camera to an application for further analysis and user experience. The system captures video via the ESP32 camera and streams it to an application, which processes and displays the footage. The TensorFlow Lite model embedded within the application analyzes the video frames to identify dental issues such as plaque buildup and tooth decay. Enhanced with LED lighting for improved image clarity, the kit provides accurate diagnostics and user feedback. The compact and portable design of DentAssist, combined with its advanced machine learning capabilities, offers a revolutionary approach to dental hygiene by facilitating precise monitoring and actionable insights, thereby enhancing oral health outcomes.

The Smart Dental Monitoring Kit represents a significant advancement in personal dental hygiene monitoring, leveraging real-time video streaming and image classification technologies. With its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, this kit has the potential to revolutionize dental hygiene practices and improve overall oral health outcomes.

Get Start:

The setup process involves connecting the Dental Kit to a Wi-Fi network via SSID and Password Provided, configuring the desired network settings, and restarting the device. Users then open the dental application on a mobile device, which interfaces with the kit to capture and upload dental images for analysis. The application provides real-time feedback and recommendations based on the captured images. In case of detected dental conditions, users are prompted to answer survey questions to receive tailored advice for maintaining or improving dental health. This document outlines the components, functionality, software setup, and step-by-step usage of the DentAssist system, showcasing its role in advancing dental care through innovative technology and user-friendly design.


Video Streaming: The ESP32 cam captures video of the user's teeth and mouth and streams it to the Flutter application in real time over Wi-Fi.

Image Classification: The Flutter application utilizes the pre-trained TensorFlow Lite model to analyze the incoming video frames and classify them based on dental hygiene conditions (e.g., plaque buildup, and tooth decay).

User Interface: The Flutter application displays the video stream and visualizes the classification results in a user-friendly interface, potentially offering feedback and recommendations for improved dental hygiene.


Enhanced Dental Procedures: DentAssist enhances diagnostic accuracy and treatment planning through real-time video streaming and image classification.

Portability: With its compact design and battery-powered operation, DentAssist is suitable for use in various clinical settings, including remote locations.

Improved Image Quality: The addition of LED lighting ensures optimal illumination, resulting in clear and detailed dental images for precise diagnostics.


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