Novel ß-Vidal Diagnostic Health Care System for Irregular Breathing Disorders And Cardiac Health

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I hereby submit a design idea of clinical grade prototype which is both ‘diagnostic’ and provides emergency ‘treatment’ by automatically diagnosing and switching to appropriate mode.

The prototype will be multi-parameter patient monitor and addresses various clinical issues reported in publications (not addressed by existing machines) and also aims to provide instant relief or temporary relief (without the use of medication) both in critical and non-critical scenarios. Some addressed reported clinical problems - it was found that patients with 100% saturation readings which should imply perfect healthy were suffering ailments which come with saturation of es but the prototype has functionality of inbuilt Defibrillator/Pacemaker, Positive Airway Pressure (PAP), battery charger with short-circuit protection (only for this machine) .

To measure blood parameters, it do not require blood sample using a small needle; whether these measurements or the instant therapy, everything is non-invasive.

The typical method of using two wavelength reading is extended to eight, sixteen and twenty-four wavelengths reading with an accuracy of ± 0.5 to ±1% instead ± 2%, with ‘parallel data-processing’ instead ‘series data-processing, using differential-ended a third order variable decimation rate sinc filter, which further has 8th order switched-capacitor filter in biquadratic sections to achieve sharp and steepest possible rolloff with stopband rejection.

The prototype contains additional complicated circuitry and complicated function/codes which are not in 98% of the products, with implementation of Novel ß-Bio models on modified RTOS called as ‘ßγ-Vidal Operating System’ (as per allowed rules), and would be of the dimensions 4.5 x 3 x 2.5 inch (approx).

The exact methodology cannot be revealed as I have not yet patented but if the prototype could not address or fail to deliver as per expectations, it would be then just another competitive patient monitor and instant therapy as other products in the market.

The machine cannot show side-effect or the effects of discomfort or lung injury etc., as would be explained in the patent and/or clinical research paper by simulation testing which would vary in clinical trial.

The manufacturing cost would be around three-five times higher than the best product (existing MRP) in the marketplace as the prototype comes with additional circuitry, detachable therapies which would even eliminate the errors by caretaker nurses or would eliminate special monitoring by them, and it can be remotely monitored using bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Android Applet by caretakers or doctors as needed.


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