Mobile Application "Perfect Lady"

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Mobile Application "Perfect Lady" aims are to support women during Menopause, providing them with the knowledge and tools to reassess their health and lifestyle.

The number of postmenopausal women is growing every year. According to WHO, in 2021, women aged 50 and over made up 26% of all women and girls in the world, up from 22% a decade earlier.

Women more often do not know that symptoms they experience are related to menopause, or that there are counselling and treatment options that can help alleviate discomfort.

The principle «Public health challenges related to menopause» of WHO provide the solution is in raising of menopause awareness and emphasizing a life course approach to health and well-being, access to appropriate health information and services to promote healthy ageing and a high quality of life before, during and after menopause.

Project goals:

  1. Education and information. Providing health information about perimenopause and menopause. An explanation of the physical and emotional changes that occur during this period.
  2. Diagnostics and individual approach. We have developed functionality that will allow women to undergo specialized tests to determine their current hormonal state. The application will help women determine exactly what age period they are in and what health changes are associated with this.
  3. Counseling and therapy. The application will provide access to consultations with doctors. We offer a comprehensive approach that includes medical advice and lifestyle advice.

Implementation methods:

  • Mobile app. Development of an interactive application with information materials, tests and the ability to sign up for consultations.
  • Educational activities. Organization of webinars and seminars with the participation of leading experts in the field of gynecology and endocrinology, available through the application.

When designing the mobile application interface, the following user scenarios and functions were implemented:

  1. User experience “Your Lady type (virtual type)” - training in self-observation, self-diagnosis during menopause.
  2. User experience “Timetable” - planning critical activities (sports, nutrition, water, сcosmetics advice);
  3. Self-diagnosis - statistics of critical indicators;
  4. Mobile doctor - telemedicine consultation;
  5. Webinars - training, solving psychological problems;
  6. Notifications - feedback from the doctor, once a month feedback on the dynamics of indicators;
  7. Profile - personal medical card;
  8. Medical news - the latest advances in medicine on menopause.

To implement the functionality, the application includes:

  1. Server part supporting a client database, a video communication server and a neural network responsible for automated self-diagnosis.
  2. Client applications implemented on Android and iOS operating systems with functionality divided into a user interface and an interface for doctors. All versions of client applications are used to visualize the logic implemented on the server side.

Project aims to provide women with the knowledge and tools they need to approach menopause with confidence and understanding. Awareness and support are key to improving your quality of life and become a solution in prolonging women’s economic and social activity and overcoming gender inequality in the economic and social spheres.

More information is in the article Anisimova I., Anisimov V., Ispolinova A., Korniichuk Iu. MOBILE APPLICATION PERFECT LADY IN MONITORING THE START AND DEVELOPMENT OF MENOPAUSE // Annali d’Italia (Italy’s scientific journal), №56, 2024. - С.61-63. - ISSN 3572-2436.


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    Irina Anisimova
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    Team members:
    • Anastasia Ispolinova
    • Iurii Korniichuk
    • Valentin Anisimov
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