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New Drugless Medical Technology: The Hill Keratosis Treatment

Natural factors can be highly effective in treating a wide range of medical issues, an area of study known as balneology. Despite its efficacy, balneology is relatively unknown and underutilized in the United States. CarboMed, the medical division of Euroscience, has developed innovative technologies leveraging the therapeutic potential of various gases, with a particular focus on carbon dioxide (CO2) due to its safety and versatility.

Carbon Dioxide Therapy

The Concept

The therapeutic use of carbon dioxide has a long history, but its widespread adoption has been hindered by the challenges associated with preparing the correct air-gas mixtures. CarboMed has overcome these obstacles through decades of research and development, creating effective and precise air-CO2 mixtures for medical treatments. The underlying principle is that the transcutaneous application of a specific mix of CO2 and air sends signals through the body's signaling systems, aiding in the treatment and rapid resolution of various health issues.

The Hill Keratosis Treatment Device

Design and Function:

  • Hill Keratosis Treatment is a specialized device for hill skin CO2 therapy. It consists of a small hand-held plastic reactor and applicator part. That reactor generates a small amount of carbon dioxide that is delivered by the applicator to the hill skin.
  • Mechanism: The device prepares a controlled mix of air and CO2 and applies it to the damaged hill skin. This mix sends specific signals to the body's natural systems, prompting them to address and rectify various skin issues.

Clinical Efficacy:

  • Extensive Testing: Hill Keratosis Treatment device has been tested and showed good results in hill skin improvements.Drugs and
  • Files Alternative: In many cases, this therapy can eliminate the need for usually used chemical drugs and mechanical files by leveraging the body's inherent healing capabilities.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Natural Treatment: The key to Hill Keratosis Treatment success is its ability to harness the body's internal healing processes. The device itself does not perform the treatment; instead, it activates the body’s internal systems to fix problems quickly and effectively.
  • No side effects: Patients do not experience any side effects or inconveniences,

Market Potential and Manufacturing

Readiness for Production:

  • CarboMed has some fully functional prototypes of Hill Keratosis Treatment and is prepared to commence manufacturing.
  • The manufacturing process is straightforward and cost-effective, ensuring that Hill Keratosis Treatment can be produced affordably.

Market Opportunities:

  • Unique Offering: Currently, there are no similar CO2 therapy devices available in the US market, giving CarboMed a significant competitive advantage.
  • Affordability and Accessibility: The low production cost translates to an affordable retail price, making Hill Keratosis Treatment accessible to a broad range of consumers.


CarboMed’s Hill Keratosis Treatment represents a groundbreaking advancement in drugless cosmetic technology, utilizing the therapeutic power of carbon dioxide to activate the body’s natural healing processes. With proven efficacy, ease of use, and affordable manufacturing, Hill Keratosis Treatment is poised to revolutionize the face skin treatment landscape in the United States, offering a safe and effective alternative for a wide array of skin conditions.


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