Relativity Experiments on a High Speed Human Centrifuge Device

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The human centrifuge device has special cabin 1 for passengers so that the weight of the passengers is transmitted by a series of interconnected double cone wheel units sliding on v_shaped inclined tracts and tends to be supported by a rigid tube at right angles to the direction of force transmission and as the machine sustains high speed rotary motion the double cone wheels experience centrifugal force and tends to be balanced straight on the inclined tracts without the side support moving in a curved inertial path with angular momentum conserved so that the persons in cabin 1 tends to be supported without recoil from the supporting solid surface.

Theoretically based on the law of conservation of energy and momentum whether (a) the floor of cabin 1 is solid the effect on human body will be antiageing Or time reversal(b) the floor of cabin 1 is elastic relative frequency of energy signals for the passengers will be increased with actual frequency remaining unchanged analogous to magnified vision like a lens_ as outlined in indian patent specification 202333030498.



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    Gautam Narayan Baruah
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