Respiratory Temperature Controlled Humidifier System

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The Respiratory temperature controlled humidifier system controls humidifiers based on patient temperature using thermistors. The temperature sensor is intended for sensing the temperature of the patient conduit. An OLED display is used to display temperature information for the user. A microcontroller(STM32F103C8T6) or processor is configured to receive input from temperature sensors and output the temperature of the patient to the display for the user. A 12V adapter is used for power supply. The voltage from the power supply is distributed using a relay module.

Respiratory illnesses often necessitate careful management of environmental conditions to optimize patient comfort and aid in the recovery process. It needs a precise and adaptive solution to maintain optimal humidity levels in respiratory therapy settings. This system integrates advanced temperature and humidity control mechanisms to create a customized and comfortable breathing environment for patients. A sensor array continuously monitors the ambient conditions, including the patient's respiratory parameters, room temperature, and humidity levels. The collected data is processed by an intelligent control algorithm, which dynamically adjusts the temperature and humidity settings in real-time.


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