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To examine the eye fundus, the Helmholtz method is often mainly used. The essence of the method is that drugs are injected into the eye, artificially dilating the pupil. Then a bright flash of light is directed into the eye with a dilated pupil and through the dilated pupil the eye fundus is photographed. The pupil then remains dilated for a long time and unnaturally excessive amounts of light are delivered into the eye. This adversely affects the structure of the ocular fundus and patients usually experience a regression in the quality of vision after this procedure.

We offer a gentle method of ocular fundus examination, which consists in photographing the ocular fundus with a smartphone camera when the pupil is naturally dilated. This natural dilation occurs when a person is in a completely darkened room after 10 minutes. With this dilation of the eye, we propose to measure the temperature of individual areas of the eye pyrometrically. Places where microcirculation in the blood vessels is disturbed, as well as areas with thrombosis will show an increased temperature. Having processed the measurement data by means of computer analysis, a 3-D model of the temperature topogram is built, where it is possible to see the temperature distribution on the eye fundus area. All these procedures can be performed without the use of pupil dilating drugs, thus protecting the organ from traumatic effects.


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