DOZZ- Auto-adjusting Smart Pillow

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Nearly 45% of individuals worldwide suffer from sleep disorders, which can exacerbate conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and depression. Our goal is to offer a holistic approach to improving sleep by blending advanced technology with comfort. Introducing DOZZ, a smart pillow designed to combat insomnia and sleep disordered breathing.

DOZZ features four internal airbags that automatically adjust the user’s head when snoring is detected, gently inflating to reposition the user for better airflow. For instance, if the user is sleeping on their back and their tongue falls back to block their airway, causing snoring, the pillow detects the sound and inflates the side airbags to encourage side sleeping. Unlike conventional ergonomic pillows that force users into specific positions, DOZZ allows users to fall asleep in any position and then makes adjustments during sleep for optimal comfort and effectiveness.

The pillow is equipped with pressure and sound sensors that gather data on the user’s sleep patterns throughout the night, functioning as a comprehensive sleep monitoring device. This information is displayed in the DOZZ user app, with data transmitted via the WiFi module within the pillow and stored on an IoT platform. The app provides users with detailed insights into their sleep quality, helping them understand and improve their sleep habits.

Additionally, DOZZ includes speakers that emit low-frequency vibrations at 432Hz and 528Hz, which are proven to reduce cortisol levels. This feature helps users fall asleep faster and maintain sleep throughout the night. The pillow's dual-layer design, with a lower layer of memory foam and an upper layer of cooling gel, ensures maximum comfort and support.

Overall, DOZZ is an integrative sleep solution that is convenient, comfortable, and effective, aiming to enhance sleep quality and overall health. By addressing the root causes of sleep disturbances and providing real-time adjustments and feedback, DOZZ represents a significant advancement in sleep technology. Its unique combination of ergonomic design, smart technology, and therapeutic features sets it apart from traditional sleep aids, making it a comprehensive solution for improving sleep and well-being.



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    Akshara Menon
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    • Bryant Yong Yik Hong
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