Medicine Reminder Robot

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A medicine reminder robot is designed to assist patients in managing their medication schedules efficiently. This sophisticated robot can accommodate entries for a maximum of two patients, ensuring that each individual's medication needs are met accurately. It is designed to hold and dispense medicine doses for an entire week, with a built-in reminder system that prompts users on Sundays to refill the medication compartments for the coming week.

The robot features a camera equipped with face recognition technology, enabling it to identify patients accurately. Upon setup, the robot requires a picture of each patient for the face recognition mechanism to work effectively. When it's time to dispense medication, the robot scans the room for the patient. If the patient is not found within a reasonable timeframe, the robot triggers an alarm and calls out to the patient using a pre-set name, such as "Dadi," to attract their attention.

To operate the medicine reminder robot, users need to input the following essential information:

  1. Number of Patients: The robot can manage medication schedules for up to two patients. Users must specify the number of patients during setup.
  2. Number of Doses per Day: The robot can accommodate up to four doses per day for each patient. Users need to input the number of doses required per day for each patient.
  3. Timing for Each Dose: Users must set the specific times for each dose. For instance, they can input the timings for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th doses.
  4. Clock Setting: Accurate clock settings are crucial for the timely dispensing of medication. Users must ensure the robot's internal clock is set correctly.
  5. Face Recognition with Camera: During the initial setup, users need to provide a picture of each patient. This picture is used by the robot's face recognition system to identify the correct patient before dispensing medication.

The robot's face recognition mechanism is a critical feature, ensuring that the medication is dispensed to the right patient. Once a dose is scheduled, the robot scans its surroundings using the camera to locate the patient. If the face recognition system matches the scanned face with the stored picture, the robot dispenses the medication. If the patient is not located, the robot initiates an alarm and vocal prompt, calling out the patient's pre-set name, such as "Dadi," to notify them of their scheduled dose.

The medicine reminder robot is designed with user-friendly features, making it an ideal solution for elderly patients or those with memory issues who require assistance in managing their medication schedules. The weekly medication storage, combined with the automated reminders for refilling, ensures that patients or caregivers only need to refill the compartments once a week, reducing the daily burden of medication management.

In summary, the medicine reminder robot integrates advanced technology with practical functionality, ensuring patients receive their medication on time. Its dual-patient capacity, weekly dose storage, face recognition, and alarm system work together to provide a reliable and efficient medication management solution.


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