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MedRobot consists of 3 parts:
1) Base 2) Head 3) Screen (Sensor)

The base part is rectangular, and the body part of the base is mainly made of plastic. Inside the core are MedRobot's control, monitoring, power, memory and other systems.

The head is round-cylindrical in shape. The head is also made of plastic and has a semi-sensory function. Cameras are placed in the head.

The screen part is placed in front of the base part. The screen part has a touch feature.

In the main part there are many systems of MedRobot. MedRobot's control system is equipped with a small and powerful processor.

This processor is critical to every function of MedRobot.

Nowadays, there are many medical devices, one of them is a pulse oximeter. Pulse oximeter is a medical device that non-invasively measures blood oxygen saturation. We integrate this medical device into the core of MedRobot. Another device is a glucometer. Glucometer - allows you to independently measure the amount of glucose in the blood without going to a hospital or doctor. We also include this device in the core of MedRobot.

The main purpose of including these devices in MedRobot is to gather information in one place. When we use these medical devices alone, the results are instantly erased, but when we use MedRobot, the results are saved and displayed. As we mentioned above, the results will be preserved. MedRobot's memory system includes: system operating memory and a special chip. Daily medical results of a person are recorded in operational memory and daily, weekly, monthly, annual statistics are compiled. Accordingly, these results are recorded on a special chip. This special chip will be the main "medical certificate" between the person using the MedRobot and the doctor. In the screen part, the person himself can see and process this information.

Also on MedRobot:

  • Power button
  • 2 USB ports
  • Power outlet
  • There is space for a special chip.

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine human life without technology. Every day the development is accelerating in every field. Hi-Techs are used in science, education, medicine, agriculture and many other fields. There is no shortage of high-tech devices and robots in medicine. The main task of MedRobot is a "base" of basic medical information between the user and the doctor, as we mentioned above. A special chip may replace the patient's medical card in the near future.


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