An Effective and Simple Method of Preserving the Quality of Vision During Long-term Work on a Computer

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The disease of modern civilization is the loss of visual acuity already in childhood and adolescence. What is the reason for this? Often such violations occur due to the fact that modern man has stopped looking into the distance and relaxing. Throughout the day, we look only at the near (in the phone, computer) and the eye is in a completely tense state.

Ancient man, while hunting, was often forced to look into the distance - to look for prey, to protect himself from the enemy army approaching in the distance. Currently, the situation has changed. A modern urbanized resident has practically no opportunity to look into the distance during the working day, the eye is constantly in a tense state. In simple terms, the following happens. When we look into the distance, our ciliary muscles of the eye relax, the zinc ligaments that encircle the lens tighten, and it becomes flat. The pupil size increases, and we can clearly see distant objects. The eye relaxes and rests. If we need to look at something closer, within 40 cm, then the eye ligaments, on the contrary, relax, the lens becomes convex, and the pupil narrows. The eye is straining. Therefore, we can clearly see up close. This phenomenon of pupil dilation and constriction is called accommodation.

The work of accommodation causes tension of the ciliary muscle and relaxation of the eye ligament, while the elastic lens becomes more convex in shape. This creates conditions for focusing images of objects that are at close range on the retina.

The closer we see an object, the warmer, brighter, and more contrasting it is. The further you go, the more complex, paler, more blurred it is. Looking into the distance, the eye simply abstracts, relaxes. The retina is not stressed. Focusing on the retina and provides good distant vision.

When something goes wrong — the lens becomes dense or the work of the ciliary muscles is disrupted, then there are problems with accommodation. The eyes cannot focus on objects and the clarity of the images is lost. How can one fix this without looking up from my computer?

Our project will help in this situation. The essence of the method is to place photos of objects located far away on the computer screen. It can be a landscape or just an object located in the distance. Then there will be an imitation of looking at distant objects. The pupil expands at the same time. (see the photo). To correct vision during the day, you need to look at the most distant objects in the photos, and then focus on nearby objects. Such exercises should be carried out for 5 minutes 6-7 times a day, the reaction of the eye will be the same as in the natural case. At the same time, of course, you need to reduce the brightness of the computer.

The method has been tested, has a significant therapeutic effect, and is under further development and patenting.


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