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There are many people who want to lose weight, such as older adults aged 50-60 and young mothers who gain weight due to a sedentary lifestyle or hormonal changes.

All these individuals desire to lose weight and have a healthy body, but unfortunately, they don't have the opportunity to go to the gym for various reasons. The solution to this problem is a mobile application that incorporates 3D constructions and artificial intelligence. The concept of the app is as follows: users are provided with templates, specifically models of homes, where the user selects the one that most closely resembles their own and starts designing the interior. They place the same furniture they have at home to make it as similar as possible.

After that, the AI will gather general information about the user to better calculate calories burned based on the user’s overall health. The app will then give daily or weekly tasks through which the user will burn calories due to increased physical activity. This way, users can lose weight and stay fit without difficulty by engaging in fun activities in their own time, without needing to leave their homes. The app will also help them stay healthy by creating personalized workout plans based on the layout of their homes. Such a startup project idea can make fitness accessible to everyone!


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    Oishabonu Narzullaeva
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