Neuraminidase Cleavage Scanner

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The Neuraminidase Cleavage Scanner (NCS) is a device that use a technique of a matrix of thousands of Micro Ultraviolet Spectrometers to perform a counting of occurrences of specific shifts or changes, or sequence of changes in the abortion spectrum of each spectrometer pointing to a reactive sample, in order to determine the probability Neuroaminidase is being split, due a reaction with the virions of COVID-19.

The intrument was originally designed as a fast detection method of COVID-19, but its design allow the detection of many different biochemical reactions which are hard to detect due it small rate of occurrence.

The Neuraminidase Cleavage Scanner, isolate thousand of small areas of a sample and realizes a Ultraviolet Spectrogram in each one of them, and after statistically analyze the pattern and number of occurrences.

There are three stages in the operation of the NCS.

  1. Isolation of 2,000,000 points in the sample.
  2. Perform of continuous Ultravilet Absortion Spectrography for several seconds or minutes on each one of the points.
  3. Perform a Digital Signal Processing of the results of each point of scanning to determine the probability of certain type of reaction has occurred.

The means to perform those stages are the use of a matrix of microscopic holes which are later focused in a ultraviolet sensor. The sensor outpout signal are conditioned and digitalized to be send into a computer where a Digital Processing of Signals will perform the analysis and gave, as result the probabilities of the reaction.

The device is NOT intended to create images of the reactions, the result of the scanning is a table of probabilities.

Obviously the NCS is only applicable to reaction which have a "Spectrum Footprint" in the wavelengths of the UV sensor. (For which the Neuraminidases are particularly prone).

Although one type of reaction is being mentioned for this design, the construction of this device will allow the research in the very fast detection of thousands of reactions which otherwise would need extremely purified or cultivated media to be detected.


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