Conditioning Machine for Personalized Nutritional Supplements Connected to the Computerized Medical History

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Nutrisoftcare is a packaging machine for personalized nutritional supplements connected to the medical history of the hospitalized patient or nursing home resident.

Produces supplements of exact composition and safe texture ready for consumption by the patient. It does this from quality clinical nutrition powder products such as protein, fiber, complete diets, thickeners, fruit and milk, among others.

The indication and design of each supplement is carried out by the doctor or nurse using a prescription algorithm integrated into the computerized medical history of each patient.

The machine stores all the information and produces the supplements online at each dispensing shift in individual containers made of eco-sustainable material that contain the data of each patient.

This system is designed to encourage and facilitate the safe prescription of high-quality nutritional supplements to patients at risk of malnutrition and dysphagia in hospital or nursing home settings.

In addition, the Nutrisoftcare system aims to reduce the workload and microbiological risks associated with the manual preparation of this type of supplements by healthcare personnel.

The Nutrisoftcare system includes nutritional control and management software integrated into the computerized medical history, through which the doctor or nurse can carry out personalized and monitored monitoring of the tolerance and actual intake of nutritional supplements by the patient. each patient.

The fundamental objective of Nutrisoftcare is to fight malnutrition in hospitalized patients and nursing home residents and thus improve their quality of life.

Likewise, the objective is to reduce the costs derived from clinical complications associated with malnutrition, such as lengthening hospitalization periods and greater investment in the treatments necessary to address these complications.



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