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Toka has developed a high efficiency continuously variable transmission (CVT) that's simple, lightweight, compact and is suitable for numerous applications from subsea to aerospace.

Toka could be used as a Variable Speed Drive alternative i.e. CVT-as-VSD, for applications that see broadly varying speed and/or load conditions. This includes applications such as HVAC fans, pumps & compressors (accounting for 75% of VSD deployments) and conveyors.

It’s usual for Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) to achieve ~97-98% efficiency within their optimum range. A VSD’s optimum efficiency range is affected by both speed and load, as follows:

  • Optimal speed range: between 50% and close to 100% of the rated motor speed
  • Optimal load range: around 50-100% of the rated motor load

Beyond the optimum efficiency range, VSD performance drops significantly. For example, at very low speeds (below 30-40% of the rated motor speed), the efficiency can decrease by up to 30-40%. 

Whereas Toka offers the following range of benefits:

  • Full CVT capability under all load conditions i.e. max. input torque across all ratios
  • 91-94% efficiency, performance (MATLAB Simscape simulation)
  • Highly configurable; optimize for application e.g. 250%, 374% (current design), 510% ratio
  • Geared regeneration, bidirectional i.e. motor can be placed on either side
  • High speed capability; CVT input ≤ 21,000 rpm
  • Shaft driven, fully enclosed system; practically zero maintenance
  • Highly responsive, fully automated ratio control
  • Simple, durable, lightweight - 2.3kg @ 374% (without packaging)
  • Very low generation of heat, vibration and noise (40–50 dB-A)

Toka's narrow design also makes it suitable as a transmission for motorcycle scooters, 3&4 wheeled vehicles (with compelling benefits for both EV & ICE). It is capable of geared regeneration, making it attractive for EV applications, it features highly responsive, automated ratio control and the high input rpm ≤ 21,000 rpm gives it greater scalability and scope of application. Lastly, it's very durable and is a fully enclosed system anticipated to be exceptionally low maintenance.



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