Pressurized Disinfection and Heating System for Storage Beds and Mattresses

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The pressurized disinfection and heating system is designed to offer a comprehensive solution for cleaning and thermal comfort of mattresses and storage beds. It utilizes an advanced mechanism that combines pressurized hot or cold air with liquid disinfectants to achieve deep cleaning and eliminate pathogens in both domestic and commercial environments such as hotels and hospitals.

How the System Works

The device includes internal tubes and conduits that evenly distribute air and disinfectant throughout the mattress or storage bed. This system not only cleans but also removes residual moisture, providing a dry and comfortable environment. Heating through pressurized hot air maintains an appropriate temperature within the mattress, enhancing comfort on cold days.

Versatility and Applications

The modular design of the system allows for fixed installation within a storage bed or as a mobile unit equipped with wheels, ideal for use in hospitals and hotels where efficient cleaning solutions are required without moving the mattresses. It is perfect for environments demanding high standards of hygiene and ease of use, thanks to its ability to adjust to different settings and cleaning needs.

Controls and Automation

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the system supports both automatic and manual operation. It includes a touchscreen and a remote control to adjust the intensity of disinfection and temperature. Integrated temperature and humidity sensors automatically regulate the device, ensuring efficient and safe operation that conforms to preset parameters.

Maintenance and Management

The design allows for easy access for maintenance, enabling simple refills of the disinfectant and quick adjustments through access panels in the storage bed. This aspect is crucial for ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of the system without the need for specialized tools, facilitating its continuous use and reducing downtime.

The patented pressurized disinfection and heating system for storage beds and mattresses represents an advanced solution for maintaining hygiene and comfort in multiple settings. Its ability to adapt to different conditions, combined with its efficient operation and user-friendly design, makes it an essential tool for enhancing the quality of life in both residential and commercial spaces, ensuring a clean and welcoming environment.

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