Roastitnow, Fully Automated Roast Chicken Vending Machine

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Roastitnow is the first fully automated roast chicken vending machine, designed to transform raw chicken into roasted chicken, cut, and ready to eat.

Its refrigeration, cooking, and cutting system fully automates the process of preparing, packaging, and selling roast chicken to a customer. The only interaction needed is restocking the machine. With the capacity to store up to 48 meals, Roastitnow can process chicken and similar foods.

It is the best alternative for selling roasted chicken in stores and gas stations.

  1. 100% automated
  2. Heat resistant glass
  3. High capacity refrigeración
  4. Electronic door lock
  5. Automated cutting and packaging

The machine can process sales through its mobile app or using its touch screen display. It warranties the best user experience substantially reducing waiting and pickup time of orders.





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