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Neuromarketing is the key to a deep understanding and insight into the mosaic of the consumer's inner world. It is a study that uses neurobiology, psychology and economics to analyze the cognitive processes and behavior of customers. Neuromarketing helps to understand preferences, predict the results and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

How does it work?

  • Understanding the audience: Identifying the core target audience, their behavioral profile and psychographics.
  • Analysis of internal attitudes: Identification of opinions, motivational drivers and barriers to purchase.
  • Neuro-hardware testing: Studying reactions to triggers, images and words using eye-tracker, EEG and polygraph.
  • Development of communications: Creating recommendations for materials and other communications, taking into account the target audience.

What are we measuring?

We observe three systems of the body: the neocortex, the reticular brain, and the limbic system. We obtain data using various methods, such as measuring the cardiovascular system, facial expressions, movements, electrical resistance of the skin, data on the functional states of the brain using EEG.

What does it give?

Neuromarketing allows us to understand exactly what motivates consumers to make purchasing decisions. We create not only the attractiveness of products, but also the feeling of pleasant associations that subconsciously lead to a purchase. With us, you can open the door to a world of deeper understanding of your audience and create effective marketing strategies that will give you a competitive advantage.


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