Neublox - Electronics-Free Air-Powered Circuit Building Blocks for Robotics Education

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Summary: We developed a method to control robotic systems without requiring a battery or microcontroller. Instead, our robots are controlled and powered with compressed air. These innovations are integrated into fluidic logic blocks called Neublox, which stem from our academic research.

Neublox are designed to teach fundamental engineering concepts through hands-on learning, utilizing fluidic logic blocks that operate with minimal or no electronics. These modular, Lego-inspired pieces allow students to construct their own control systems, which they can use to direct a robotic arm’s motion. Our kit includes educational content that facilitates progressive learning of increasingly complex concepts in an enjoyable and interactive manner, making it an excellent tool for education.

We would like to use the funds from this award to make our kit accessible to future engineers.

Fundamental Technology Based on Academic Research

2021 Tech Briefs 1st Place Manufacturing/Robotics Category Winner

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