Machine Coding Algorithm IT Presenting AI Design Physics 

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Presented here are concept designs that will have hardware software embedding into existing systems. Coding programmers will have to develop further to incorporate working computer apps. ChatGPT GPT4 machine learning artificial intelligence integrated package system.

Machine coding Algorithm IT has been designed on physics formalism logical mathematical sequences that are adopted to program code syntaxes that are explained more in video attachment. Illustrations 1 to 3 explain via the original 2-4_wire_1-3-5_wireless switching circuity software hardware code signing protocol that the author has conceived of and that has been clarified logically to be working physics systems.

Within Illustration 1, multi-inputs {audio, image, video, texting, communicating} will be activated by Circuit Loop Input Protocol Operator. Illustration 2 shows throughput getting output from Illustration 1 executing Machine Language Program (MLP) steps with {input, output, throughput} schemes given there. Boolean check linking to GPT4 with Interactive texting protocol will be activated by voice throughput of audio from Circuit Loop Input Protocol Operator communicating with ChatGPT. Illustration 3 is exemplifying possible output results seamlessly executing Input Throughput like feedback circuit mechanism running Machine Language Program (MLP) steps with {input, output, throughput} schemes given in video describing the processing Illustration 1 and Illustration 2 sequencing syntactical program concept.

The author Rajan Iyer is Scientist & PRESIDENT at own company ENGINEERINGINC. COM globalized to ENGINEERING INC INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONAL TEKNET EARTH GLOBAL PLATFORM. What has been illustrated essentially only a design concept outline that will have to be syntactically developed to program coding with the help of professional programmers to achieve extensive integrated systems. Eventually, it will have the ability to streamline seamlessly with artificial intelligence, machine learning, ChatGPT, GPT4, quantum computing, internet of things as well as mobile smart phone devices.

The algorithm IT Physics concept presented here hopes to make future computing systems work in the absence of human manually or in the presence of human supervising apps.

Enormous data processing will be loading uptake information processing capabilities will be expected to have primary achievement by implementing package based on developing current design. The author will highly appreciate feedback comments, encouraging suggestions, advice, and linked programmer guidance to make it a successful venture. In terms of a small business innovative program, this is Phase I attempt feasibility study having the goal of going into Phase II development of component, assembly, execution, and fully integrated systems that are marketable in Phase III.

The author would be liking to get ways also to be able to sell this design to prospective developers across board Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Algorithm Logic Coding Programming. You may reach out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or at (480)287-0663 to get further information, that will include my PHYSICS formalisms peer reviewed published papers articles. Many of my input designs might necessitate enquiry guidance with professional program coding developers.

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