ZUMA Robot Camera

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Camera and light may have difficulty navigating event places due to cultural and obstruction to participants. The use of hybrid meetings has also been a norm since the eventful occurrence of COVID-19 that necessitated restrictions to physical movements. Economic stresses have, moreover, reduced our ability to travel.

The aim of this project is to create artificial camera person (humanoid), for the purpose of video streaming and zoom meeting. The project has designed a mobile robot kinematics, draws the 3D model using AutoCAD, wrote code, compiled and uploaded the programme into ARDUINO microcontroller. I also fabricated frame, assembled modules locally in Nigeria, and tested the assembly that was presented on 28th June, 2024 using the zoom software.

The main objectives were to:

  • Demonstrate the understanding of robotics to STEM students in secondary schools in Africa.
  • Use this project to show how microcontroller can be used to capture and transmit images and videos using sensors, actuators and other input/output devices.
  • This would widen the horizon of secondary school students to understanding mechatronics engineering and help them develop interest in robotics career.
  • This project is limited to a prototype robotic camera with dimension of 20.5 x 28.0 centimeter base, 2.0 meter height and 360 degree vision.
  • Various sensors as detection device such as ultrasonic (motion) sensors, light sensors, etc. and actuators are used.
  • The team includes students from universities, Government Technical College Kano, science secondary schools, apprentices, school drop-outs, girl child, and people with special needs.


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