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Dezeyer: Insight the Future

WHY IT MATTERS: I recently took a refresher training course on the widely applied APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) process and was reminded again how little time and effort most organizations spend researching what products and services will be desired in the future, then applying that knowledge. This aligns with my real world experience: throughout my time in the automotive business, I have been continually shocked at the amount of money, time and effort that is wasted developing products based only on an executive’s whim or because it was an iteration of a once successful product.

I get it, powerful research methods that reveal what customers will want in the future (like Design Thinking) are often maddeningly difficult to grasp and leverage. I personally spent two challenging years learning Design Thinking to the point of mastery (which most won’t endure), eventually leading a team that trained 1,000+ employees in Design Thinking while also personally leading Executive teams through user-centered research efforts on critical issues. That experience was incredibly rewarding, but also taught me there were limits to the adoption of Design Thinking and other methods due to its complexity, which led me to develop an easier way: Dezeyer.

WHAT IT IS: Dezeyer integrates the best aspects of common user-centered research methods into a system powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Novel AI prompt strings accurately handle the pivotal moments with ease and speed. A sampling of some of these challenging points includes the creation of: the guiding project statement, the standard Interview questions to ask, the ‘in the moment’ 2nd and 3rd Response Interview questions to ask and the Insights mined from the entire effort.

This makes what used to feel scary and impossible, now feel fun, fast and comforting.

Dezeyer will accelerate the development of more desirable products/services, maximize the impact of efforts/resources and unleash profits for companies.

BEST COMPARISON: Dezeyer is the Canva of Insight mining for future product/service guidance. Canva (the online ecosystem that transformed graphic design) focused on making the graphic design experience more user-centered. The Canva founders removed the greatest pain points to doing graphic design, integrated them into one place and never looked back. Dezeyer does the same for the first critical steps of future product research by leveraging AI to do in seconds what used to take 100’s of hours to do.

REVEALING THE FUTURE: After reading this, you may not understand exactly how Dezeyer will make the world better, but that is what it solves: you won’t need to know.

Think about how we can find out about anything that has happened, and often what is currently happening, through a quick online search. Imagine being able to learn desirability Insights in the future with that level of speed, ease and clarity. Dezeyer does that.

Winning this competition would allow further development of this amazing technology into a working prototype to change the world for the better.

Thank you for considering this application!


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