Robotic Puller to Enhance Safety and Sustainability in Energy Transmission

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Crest Robotics' Robotic Puller is a new product for the energy sector designed to assist linemen and riggers with maintaining and upgrading our energy infrastructure. As an evolution on an existing product known as a 'traction motor,' our puller is lighter, stronger, more efficient, and more intelligent, enabling safer and more cost-effective operations.

General purpose pulling is needed both in maintenance and upgrading network capacity. Network capacity upgrades using advanced composite core conductors are a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to constructing new transmission lines. Our Robotic Puller, known as the 'Gorilla,' makes this work safer and more-cost effective than ever before, by allowing the remote deployment of safety systems (known as cradle block systems). This ensures better results for consumers, and safer operations for workers in the energy sector.

The Gorilla also enables safer mobility for line workers where they need to travel along the lines. The advanced active clamping mechanism intelligently determines how best to hold the line, enabling the Gorilla to pull up to 280kg on a 30deg incline, and up to 130kg vertically! With the Gorilla, no part of a transmission line is off limits.

The Gorilla is also able to overcome midspan joints and spacers on the lines, a capability never before seen in the sector. This ability enables the Gorilla to pull linemen or deploy devices even where spacers still exist on the transmission line, dramatically improving workflows where linemen originally had to remove obstacles prior to beginning work. Additionally onboard cameras give operators a view of the line enabling inspection and higher situational awareness.

Crest is currently testing this product with their first customer Transgrid who is excited to be trialing the new technology. “Integrating the Gorilla Mk1 into our maintenance operations aligns perfectly with Transgrid’s commitment to safety and sustainability. We are excited about the potential this technology holds for the future of energy infrastructure maintenance,” said Alex Hamilton, Construction Manager at Transgrid.



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