Self-Driving Robot for the Blind

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The Self-Driving Robot for the Blind (SDRB) is a purpose-built device aimed to assist individuals with visual impairments to navigate safely from a point to another. The navigation of the robot is guided by instructions transmitted from the user's mobile phone, on which an application has been installed for real-time communication with the robot. The destination is specified by the user through a voice command on the phone, and the information is transmitted to the robot. The Self-Driving Robot for Blind (SDRB) is actually an autonomous smart robot able to navigate from points to points without any human assistance and guiding a user with visual impairments. It is designed in such a way that the user (the blind person) will be guided by the robot using a stick directly attached to the robot. The robot is equipped with many sophisticated technologies and electronics components (such as GPS, Compass, Ultrasonics sensors...), thanks to which the navigation is made in an autonomous and accurate way. The main micro-controller of the Self-Driving Robot for Blind (SDRB) is the Arduino ↑ which links up everything and handle the entire system.



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    Diksha S
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    • ANISH K
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