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My idea is to increase the usability of solar panels when they are covered by shadow ( for instance from another building, a tree or a post that is inconveniently placed.

The unit clips onto the side of a solar panel with the LEDs directed to the area where the shadow falls, and they light up the area, thereby allowing the whole series of solar panels to complete the circuit and supply power to the grid.

The main setback from a lot of solar installation, especially in urban areas is that at some points in the day, a close by object casts a shadow onto one or more of the panels, this reduces the output of the system to zero, or close to it - it is always a problem when all the panels are in series... This invention of mine allows the inactive panel to receive enough radiation in the spectrum to make it activate and the current can then flow from the rest of the panels.

I've been developing this idea for about 1 year and it is performing well. Instead of having to switch panels out of the series chain I just light-up the shadow area and my output goes up.

Hope you also like the idea.


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