Showermix: The Eco-Friendly Handheld Shower with Integrated Body Wash and Shampoo Dispenser

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Showermix represents a breakthrough in bathroom technology as the first handheld shower designed to incorporate interchangeable cartridges for body wash and shampoo. This unique system harnesses the power of water flow to dissolve concentrated products directly into the water stream, seamlessly mixing and dispensing them through the showerhead. This innovation eliminates the need to interrupt your shower to reach for separate body wash or shampoo, streamlining the entire bathing process. ( )

Sustainable Showering with Interchangeable Cartridges

Central to Showermix's design are its independently housed cartridges for body wash and shampoo, ingeniously integrated within the showerhead itself. These cartridges connect via channels to a mixing valve in the handheld unit, allowing for precise and consistent delivery of product. The use of ultra-concentrated formulas means that just a small amount is needed per shower, significantly reducing waste and enhancing the efficiency of each bath.

Eco-Friendly Features and Benefits

Showermix’s approach to eco-friendly showering extends beyond just efficient product use. By allowing for cartridge refills, the system drastically cuts down on plastic waste commonly associated with traditional shampoo and body wash packaging. This refillable model not only minimizes environmental impact but also offers users the flexibility to choose their preferred products without being tied to single-use plastics.

How Showermix Works: Leveraging the Venturi Effect

The patented design of Showermix utilizes the Venturi effect to facilitate the dispensing process. When water flows through a constricted section of the shower handle, it reduces fluid pressure, creating suction that draws the body wash or shampoo from the cartridges without the need for external pumps. This fluid dynamic not only ensures an efficient mixing process but also conserves water by optimizing the amount of product dispensed with each use.

User-Friendly Operation and Installation

Designed to integrate effortlessly with existing shower setups, Showermix does not require any modifications for installation, making it a convenient addition to any bathroom. The unit is equipped with dual push-type valves that control the release of body wash and shampoo, allowing for easy adjustment of the product-to-water ratio and creating a luxurious, foamy lather that enhances the bathing experience while conserving resources.

A Step Toward Sustainable Bathing

By reducing the need for multiple product containers and utilizing concentrated formulas, Showermix not only declutters your shower space but also makes a significant contribution to reducing plastic waste and water usage. The system’s innovative design and operational efficiency make it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious consumers looking to minimize their ecological footprint without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Showermix is more than just a shower accessory; it’s a sustainable solution for modern bathing, designed to offer a luxurious yet environmentally responsible experience. With its advanced technology and eco-friendly design, Showermix is setting new standards in water and product efficiency, paving the way for a greener future in personal care.

Showermix has a worldwide patent in force. (PCT) The patent exploitation rights are available for negotiation or licensing.



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