Sustainable Energy from Nuclear Waste

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Nuclear waste disposal has had a direct impact on the United States desire/ability to move forward w/ Nuclear Power. Geothermal Power plant opportunities have been hindered by geological limited areas of availability. There are current projects to create disposal zones of Nuclear waste using canisters loaded and sealed in a well bore into a subsurface geologic column far underground. Geothermal wise - it is possible to create another closed-loop (sealed from formation) to harness the decay heat from the canisters. One of the problems w/ geothermal is pulling 'too much' heat from formation cooling the area and impacting economics. Since decay heat remains constant for a long-period of time there is the opportunity to harness and convert safely the disposal requirement (for continued nuclear use) into a renewable energy requirement for Geothermal that is no longer dependent on geologic conditions being 'ripe' for proper effect.

Both technologies, nuclear waste disposal and geothermal power plants, suffer from economic restraints. By combining the two the economics of each are enhanced making the projects much more viable. There are already companies working on each of these concepts independently so combining the two are not outside the realm of possibility. The waste is sealed well below the water table and the fluid transmitting the heat from the affected zone above and below the disposal zone is also sealed preventing cross-contamination. The disposal zone is also several thousand feet below any available water table.


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