Enhancing Wheat Seed Membranes via Low-Pressure-Vacuum Plasma Treatment for Salinity-Resilient Strategic Crop Cultivation

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Innovative Solution for Sustainable Agriculture in Arid and Saline Regions

In response to global challenges such as climate change, extreme weather, and geopolitical crises like the Russia-Ukraine conflict, agricultural stress is on the rise. The Gulf region, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), faces significant water and food scarcity issues, exacerbated by soil salinity which hampers crop cultivation. Given the crucial role of staple crops like wheat, rice, and maize in the Saudi diet, innovative strategies are needed to enhance crop resilience and productivity.

Our groundbreaking patent introduces an advanced seed treatment method to address these challenges. Utilizing a unique membrane made from cost-effective, naturally derived materials—hash carbon, calcium sulfate, humic acid, and cellulose from date palm waste—our innovation significantly improves seed quality and crop resistance to salinity and other environmental stresses.

The process involves plasma treatments that enhance the compatibility and effectiveness of these components, ensuring they synergize without harmful side effects.

This eco-friendly and scalable solution promises to revolutionize agriculture in the Gulf region and beyond, supporting sustainable practices and improving food security. We are seeking strategic partnerships and funding to commercialize this technology and bring its benefits to market, helping farmers overcome salinity challenges and increase crop yields.


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    Abdel Fattah Elgendy
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