MEAMOMU: the New Renewable Energy

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Magnetic Energy Automaton Mechanical Oscillator for Multiple Uses


  • Prof. Laithwaite proved steel can couple two same polarity linear magnets.
  • Prof. Laithwaite proved if you divert at least one of the four coupled flux polarities both magnets are uncoupled and repel.
  • General Electric Excursions in Science #2 proved magnets with equal flux attractive pull strength can push or pull an object into either ones flux path including Pyrolytic Carbon.
  • UCLA lectures proved Pyrolytic Carbon and Bismuth repels both magnetic flux polarities.

Automaton oscillation occurs when the coupling steel attracts the same polarity near ends magnets flux together and they having a greater attractive force than the repulsive force which continues to push the Pyrolytic Carbon shaped as a bellow onto the areas accommodating the far end same polarity flux on the football shaped steel coupler until repulsion occurs. When repulsion occurs the magnets material pulls the Pyrolytic Carbon away from the coupling steel and thus unmasking it and creating same polarity coupling attraction again.


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