Foldable Parabolic Dome Solar Dryer

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Parabolic dome shape solar dryer can capture highest solar radiation throughout the day for its curved shape. Generally, dome type solar dryers are built in large sizes but when to use for household purpose then it is better to make the dryer foldable for easy handling. Also, a foldable dryer can be kept inside of house as it occupies less space inside of house when not in use. The dryer thus has long life by avoiding damage during storm, rain and other environmental factors.

Base of the dryer is made by plywood board and bottom side of the board is covered by M.S. sheet. Upper side of the board is covered by aluminium sheet which is painted dull black by automobile muffler paint.

Longitudinal side of the dryer base is hinged in two places to make it three parts, bottom and two sides. When the dryer base is to be kept in folded position, both sides of the base can be folder upward keeping bottom part in horizontal position as usual. During folded position, a hinged strip acts as a lock to hold two sides firmly attached with each other in parallel position. Eight numbers of caster wheels are provided at the base of the dryer base. Four numbers wheels are attached with bottom part of the dryer base and each side part is provided with two wheels. These caster wheels are fitted for easy adjustment and transportation.

Numbers of parabolic shape aluminium strips are provided to form parabolic dome. Both longitudinal ends of aluminium sheet which is attached at the top of the plywood board are bent to make both side slide channels. Parabolic shape strips are bent horizontal at both ends and placed inside of slide channels so that, these can be slide longitudinally on the dryer base.

To make solar dryer roof cover, UV resistant transparent parabolic shape polythene dome with both end covers is made. Cold air entry holes are provided at the bottom end of one end cover and hot air outlet holes are provided at the top of opposite end cover. This polythene dome is then attached with parabolic shape aluminium strips by screws and washers.

When parabolic aluminium strips slide nearer to each other, the polythene dome is folded. When strips slide towards longitudinal ends then the dome is covered the whole dryer base as a dome shape roof and form a dome type solar dryer.

When to keep the dryer in folded position, all aluminium strips with polythene dome are brought longitudinally towards the middle position of the dryer base so that, all strips with folded polythene dome can be accommodated on the bottom part of three-fold base located at the middle position of the dryer base. Thereafter, both sides of the base are to bring vertically upward.

Single aluminium tray fabricated by aluminium screen is placed on dryer base during operation.


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