Implementation of QRST for Trees

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Quick Response System for Trees (QRST) is proposed here for identifying tree name, its family and medicinal values, etc. It is observed that many people do not know the names of very common trees around them. With such a system it would be easy for everyone particularly for school going children to study and understand many varieties of different type of trees, their common names, botanical names, uses, etc. With the available technology of generating QR code system and use of mobile phones among people and the students, we found that such a QR coding system is going to be very much useful to learn many different types of trees, their importance in our life, and medicinal values. With such open knowledge and tree values in our lives, there are chances from the younger generations to protect and preserve nature’s greatest creation to mankind…the Trees. As an example, QRST for banyan tree is shown in the image.


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    Sanjay Puranik
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