SolarSCAPE Enables Building Giant Parabolic Solar Collectors on Desert Sand with Low CAPEX

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Solar energy is the most widely available renewable energy. However, the challenge lies in capturing and converting large amounts of it into a usable form.

SYG TECH has developed an innovative technology that shapes desert sand into true parabolic shapes on a large scale and solidifies it using environmentally friendly biotechnology. This method allows for the collection of gigawatt-level solar energy in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner. The technology's suitability for automation and water-free cleaning are additional advantages that make it very appealing.

The technology is known as SRTA, Stationary Receiver, and Tracking Absorber. It is essentially a giant reflector facing south at a shallow angle which receives sunlight from dusk to dawn. Although this technology has been known since the 1960s, it had a deficiency that hindered its economic success. There was no known method of making giant parabolic shapes in the field. So, all attempts were made using “spherical approximation”. Spherically shaped mirrors need large focal lengths and energy concentration at the focal point is not uniform. All SRTA attempts in history, including radio telescopes, were made with spherical approximations. The reflector of the famous radio telescope in Arecibo was also made with spherical approximation. The long focal length requirement of spherical approximation has been the final demise of the Arecibo telescope by causing the long towers to collapse.

CSP-type solar collectors with heat storage have a much higher capacity factor compared to PV, ranging around 60-80% compared to 20% for PV. SYG TECH technology is suitable not only for desert environments but also for higher latitudes in offset parabolic form. The solar field area requirement of solarSCAPE is almost 1/3 of similar CSP technologies. Considering that 50% of the CSP capital cost comes from the solar field, we believe our technology can make a real impact by lowering the CAPEX of solar energy and expediting the fabrication of utility-size solar collectors.

Regarding the credibility of our invention, we want to highlight that SYG TECH is among the finalists for the WIPO Global Award 2024. In addition, our wind turbine-related renewable energy invention has been chosen by IMO as one of the winners of the "IMO CARES Maritime Technology Global Challenge" for reducing maritime carbon emissions in 2024.


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    Tarik Ozkul
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    • Haluk Ozkul
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