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From the proper placement of three coils and an inverter driver, auto timing circuit firing the fourth coil produces the three phase alternating current. Instead of like conventionally used or 120 degrees separate voltages these three phases are actually three separate voltages that are a third from each other or in this case twenty degrees apart. They are then added by properly using diodes to create an eighteen pulse per rotation direct current voltage.

This voltage and current output is larger than supplied. But, usage causes drag which in turn causes lowering supply. The current solution is to recharge higher voltage batteries. This introduces time into the equation. But this is still a work in progress. The other work is five phases which is a whole new can of worms.

Recently it has been discovered that by using a six filer coil to drive by, the speed can be increased or decreased like having electronic gears.

Alternative methods of propulsion could also be implemented such as wind, solar, or physical, or etc.

This original design has a world of possibilities From household to EVTOL as well as military and other professional works.

The downside is that I am only one man with no backing or structure. Investors welcome.



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