Novel ß Grid Resilient Single Household Electricity System

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Imagine a sky falling situation, where DISCOM can only supply limited electricity, and urban household need 5-10 days autonomy. The urban house is modern economic middle class which in present situation receives 24hr DISCOM supply but the future of existing distribution is expected to be effected by Sun Storms and other technological failure reasons and the future expense of electricity is predicted as costlier. The 5-10 days autonomy is chosen because it is assumed that powerful grids would not be able to supply for more than longer duration, grids would take time to recover and to ease fluctuating grid and higher cost of electricity. The urban house cannot install high number of panels with system limitations and so the typical existing solution is an expensive solution in power generation, storage, power conversion (DC-AC) and installation (which will even require house renovation), recurring costs and, thus cannot be implemented by most middle class urban and not feasible. Alternatively, the proposed solution gives decentralized, independent and alternative solution.

The proposed solution comprises complete power generation needed to serve single home with metering, tailoring single household per day electricity which include lighting, fans, refrigeration (food storage), laptop/computer charging with constant use, mobile charging, water motor, cooler and air-conditioning or heater and water pumps for small garden. The proposed solution can also serve standalone community needs of centrifugal and submersible pumps used in well or irrigation or cold-storage rooms or agri-food processing hubs or for emergency medical use in hospitals.

The non-linear loads of consumer or from community (standalone pumps) will also necessitate the need of power factor correction, so it is incorporated in this.

As the load will vary, sometimes pump load or compressor load change, these causes though small changes in active or reactive power, in the internal alternator angle of the wind-turbine, the flywheel-alternator, and thus excitation which in turn will also change rpm, speed and reactive components. The deviation of the power factors is also different from each of these sources. As, all the outputs have different characteristics and the loads have different affects on the system itself, so the novelty is in the synchronization of all these acting together.

This cannot be connected to LIVE AC Grid and there would be risk of fire if done so.

Consumers who have more space can concatenate and replicate such multiple systems and few of those installations can be used to sell electricity to DISCOM or to other neighbors on metered basis and the whole DISCOM could be even replaced for the proven number of days of autonomy.

There is no market risk as the system would definitely work, atleast at the level of the output, if not at the maximum expected levels.

The successful system is not only cheaper in achieving the requirements but also able to give consumer to make money using meter. Though the system is intended for single household, it can be even used at waste water management pumps, hospitals, irrigation, by use of multiple such systems.


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