Easy Maintenance Grounding System

HidraThor is a grounding system whose main electrode is at the same time a rehydration system. It consists of a large diameter branched copper channel, covered with hardened conductive cement, and a ferromagnetic element located around the electrode.

Its metal electrode is also a rehydration system formed by a main channel and secondary channels, allowing efficient rehydration. The electrode has a large diameter, reducing its length. It is covered by conductive cement. It includes a ferroresonant material that removes the soil to facilitate rehydration.

It is environmentally friendly because it uses less water and chemicals. Efficiently rehydrates the entire system. It reduces the depth of excavation, reduces execution time and cost, reduces the risk of soil collapse and reduces the amount of new soil to be used, removed and transported. Allows other technologies to be used with conductive cement. Reduces electrode corrosion.

This grounding system uses fewer resources for its construction and maintenance, so it has a lower environmental impact.



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    Francisco Jesus Anazgo Barrantes
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