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The constant loss of topsoil, ecological degradation, soil collapse, etc. are all effects of soil erosion, which can happen slowly or alarmingly. It is mainly caused due to Agri patterns, Grazing, Logging, and also due to lack of tree roots which firmly holds the soil together. The health of the soil is utmost importance to the farmers and the population that depends upon agriculture for food and employment. Also soil erosion decreases soil fertility in which farmers are mostly depend upon. In India more than 12% of the territories are landslide prone areas, killing 300 people every year which mostly includes the age group of 20 – 50In point of farmers view, 8% yield reduction in cornfields with severe soil erosion. And this range from 2% to 40%, with a mean of 8.2%. Also due to construction of buildings and roadways, soil’s fertility nature has decreased significantly. The trees and meadows are destroyed for construction, exposing the soil and rendering it vulnerable to erosion. But these all occurs mainly due to lack of trees since, tree’s roots hold up the soil firmly and this is due to presence of Microorganism like Azotobacter, Rhizobium in it. These microorganism increases the nitrogen fixation and nutrient content in the soil which increases the rigidity, compactness of the soil. But the rate of trees per acre has been decreased up to 48% which cause soil to erode easily and makes land slide in rainy seasons. In order to prevent these kinds of landslides and soil erosion, AZORHI sheets were developed.


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