Smart Ecobin: Recyclable Household Waste Storage and Transport System

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Smart Ecobin is an advanced recyclable waste storage and transport system, designed to integrate seamlessly into conventional kitchens. (

This innovative system comprises six modular bins tailored to accommodate various types of waste, including plastic, cartons, cans, paper, glass, compostable, and special waste. By providing a specific place for each type of waste, Smart Ecobin significantly simplifies waste sorting and enhances the efficiency of waste management in the household.

Modular Design

Smart Ecobin's modular design adapts seamlessly to household recycling needs. Each bin is independently removable, ensuring easy handling and transport.

Fits Conventional Kitchens

Smart Ecobin is designed to fit perfectly into conventional kitchen spaces. With tailored solutions for each type of recyclable waste, it makes recycling an intuitive and efficient process. The system's compact and space-efficient design ensures that it does not intrude on kitchen aesthetics or functionality. It functions seamlessly as an additional drawer, thanks to its innovative dual rail system that allows bins to slide in and out effortlessly.

Bins with Foldable Handles

Each bin in the Smart Ecobin system features independent, foldable handles that make the transportation of recyclables simple and convenient. This design ensures that even the most common and frequently discarded waste items can be easily managed and transported without hassle.

Automatic Airtight Lids

Smart Ecobin’s bins come equipped with automatic airtight lids, which play a crucial role in maintaining an odor-free kitchen environment. These lids feature a touchless opening system, enhancing the ease of use and ensuring that the bins are hygienic and user-friendly.


Recyclable Packaging Compactor

The built-in recyclable packaging compactor utilizes simultaneous heat and pressure to reduce the size of plastic bottles, cans, and cartons by up to 99%. This significant reduction in volume means fewer trips to the recycling point, enhancing the convenience of waste management. The compactor is user-friendly and seamlessly integrates into the modular design of Smart Ecobin, maintaining kitchen harmony while transforming bulky waste into manageable blocks.

Paper and Cardboard Shredder

Smart Ecobin also features a high-capacity paper and cardboard shredder equipped with helical blades. This shredder reduces the volume of paper and cardboard waste, facilitating easier storage and recycling. It also ensures privacy by securely shredding documents containing personal information, an essential feature for modern waste management.

Extendable Transport Cart

One standout feature of Smart Ecobin is its patented extendable transport cart. This innovative cart integrates seamlessly into the system, without taking up additional kitchen space. It features a telescopic structure for flexible extension and contraction, allowing for simultaneous transportation of multiple bins. Equipped with sturdy wheels and an ergonomic handle, the cart ensures smooth and effortless movement to the recycling point.



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