A Better Use for Nuclear Submarines and Oil Tankers

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The world divides naturally into two trading areas; All of the Americas, Europe, and Africa north of the Sahara. The other area is Asia and Africa south of the Sahara. By making this official, and stopping trade between the two areas, would reduce the spread of virus' which are generally from Asia and Africa south of the Sahara It would also eliminate excessive transportation which is a major contributing factor to climate change.

Some trade across the Atlantic would still be possible, by using decommissioned nuclear submarines to tow large ships. The submarines would be under the ship which would do the guidance. Connection would be by a rigid shock absorber.

Fishing would only be allowed from sailing ships. This would allow fish stocks to recover.

A better alternative is fish farming, such as raising eels in tanks, breeding rabbits locally, and feeding pigs on human dung.

The general public would be prohibited from using air transport, which would be reserved for the military. Helicopters and Cessna would be allowed.

A reduction in world oil production would result and the surplus oil tankers could be used for transporting water to the desert areas of Africa. Here it would be used for growing palm trees hydroponically The fresh water would also be used for producing hydrogen gas.


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