Hovercraft - Small Version for U.K. Use

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This small version of the hovercraft would be used for transporting one inter-modal container, or curtain sided goods load, or passengers. It would provide efficient transport on motorways and other major roads and would run on alcohol, a clean fuel. Bio diesel, produced from Rape seed oil, would be reserved for farm vehicles. The use of rapeseed oil to make cooking oil is unnecessary and deep frying is an unhealthy way to cook.

Delivery and tradesmen’s vans would be required to be electric speed limited vehicles. This is best as they cover a predicted mileage per day with much stop/start.

Private vehicles would be restricted to small 'bubble cars'. These would run on Alcohol and would generally only be used on side roads and country lanes.

This hovercraft could also be used along the coasts of Britain, for example to transport Scottish agricultural produce from the Forth of Forth direct to central London.

These measures would eliminate the very high accident rate on U.K. Roads. With speeds generally reduced would permit the use of pedal cycles; a very efficient and healthy way to get about.


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