Solar Powered Smart Jacket for Urban Commuters

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This project presents an innovative solution aimed at promoting sustainability and convenience for urban commuters through the development of a solar-powered smart jacket. The jacket integrates flexible, lightweight solar panels to capture solar energy, which is stored in a built-in power bank for powering various features and charging personal devices. Key functionalities include temperature control with embedded sensors and heating/cooling elements, energy-efficient LED lights for nighttime safety, and air quality monitoring to provide real-time data to the wearer. The jacket is constructed from sustainable, biodegradable materials and designed with modular components for easy replacement and upgrades, extending its lifecycle and minimizing environmental impact. By combining renewable energy technology with practical commuter features, this smart jacket offers an eco-friendly, comfortable, and convenient alternative for modern urban lifestyles. The project aims to address the challenges of high production costs, the durability of integrated solar panels, and consumer acceptance, ultimately contributing to a sustainable future through innovative wearable technology.


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    Deepadharsini K
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