Smart Kitchen Faucet

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While washing dishes by hand, an idea came to mind - how much water and energy (to heat the water) could be saved by taking advantage of the power of modern control systems, machine vision and learning?

The idea is as follows: Build a video camera into the kitchen faucet that will monitor what we put under it and control the water supply.

For example, when an empty clean pot is brought up, it means that water should be drawn, but not too much (sometimes you forget about it). If a dirty pan is brought under the faucet, detergent is supplied, as soon as the dirt is washed off, clean cold water is supplied for rinsing.

If fruit is placed under the tap, cold water is supplied as long as the hand that washes it is present.

When the hand is removed, the water does not flow. There are already similar systems in airports and other public places, but they only have a presence (or motion) sensor.

I propose a smart system that recognizes what is in sight. For example, to avoid burning your hand with hot water, to optimize the water supply when washing dishes, etc.

Something similar could be installed in the shower room. While you are soaping your head, the water does not flow, you give the command, the shower rinses off. You can come up with a huge number of scenarios!

Judging from what's on the market, it's mostly voice-controlled smart faucets that are sold. And I propose to supplement them with video processing with recognition of objects in the field of view. Modern systems of image recognition allow you to do this relatively easy and not very expensive.


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