Passive Solar-Convective Dehydrator System

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Passive systems are a type of design that uses natural processes to cool/heat a building without the use of mechanical/electrical systems. The system is composed of solar collector towers (air heater) and solar drying chambers. This system is designed to take advantage of both direct solar and convective heat flow to provide efficient and reliable drying. The system makes products drying easy, safe and sustainable.

The dehydrator system uses a downdraft model that removes moisture from products to aid in its preservation. A solar collector tower warms air and enters the dehydrator chamber. As the air collects moisture from products it cools and becomes heavier. This heavier air sinks to the bottom of the chamber and exits through an outlet. The collector towers are omnidirectional (Cylindrical Design). The temperature inside the chamber is maintained between 40C and 60C by a passive control design.

The system was designed for community use and can be adapted to needs of the community. The dried product from the dehydrator is better in terms of quality and taste compared to the products produced by others open-closed designs.


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    Luis Gustavo Lira
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