Sustainable Aviation Fuel Testing Lab – Portable, Cost Effective and Easily Available using Specially Designed Micro Jet Engine

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Government across the world is encouraging the research and usage of alternate fuels but there is no testing facility easily available and even very hard one with a jet engine.

To Provide

  • Portable and easily accessible alternate fuel testing laboratory for engineering colleges and universities,
    government labs and research labs.
  • Last year I was awarded by govt of India for designing and developing a micro jet engine. This engine can run
    on several types of fuels including bio fuels.

Students from well known universities have travelled long distance to test there bio fuels on my jet engine
and published results also. Fuels tested by them on my engine was soap nut and candle nut oils blended with

It could be possible for me to design a jet engine different fuel injectors which can take different fuel types
based on viscosity and other property of bio fuels. It will have a provision to clean and re fix the injectors
which are prone to getting clogged.

Prototype of this model is existing. Important data related to emission like

  1. Carbon dioxide
  2. Carbon Mono Oxide
  3. Other gas sensors
  4. Exhaust gas temperature and pressure

Other data includes:

  1. Thrust of engine
  2. RPM of engine
  3. Temperature of engine
  4. Air pressure
  5. Fuel flow

Beautifully designed data Aquisition software is already developed by me which gives above data and stores them for analysis. Reports can be generated. Apart from aviation fuel this mini lab can be used for other fuels also. Plan is to make this setup cost effective and make it common. Let people come and try there fuels which will encourage research on alternate fuels.



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